We Insist !

WE INSIST! This band name rings in the ears of alternative rock music lovers as a long term project that began in the mid-nineties, and is still very active on both French and European scenes. After hundreds of concerts, extensive touring in Europe and 5 albums including the two most recent on the German label “Exile On Mainstream / Southern Records Distribution“, WE INSIST! has shared the stage with many different bands such as The EX, Qui, Unsane and 31 Knots. From the very the beginning they have had the same desire to battle for new musical ideas, sharing and introducing their music to audiences abroad and at home. Their shared ideas and goals are the main reasons for their uncommon longevity: WE INSIST! is more than a rock band, it’s a genuine musical project. They reject conformity and their music is impossible to pin-down: is it post-hardcore, noise, metal, independant rock, pop or experimental? In 2010, the band began work composing a live soundtrack to be played on Walter Ruttmann’s film: “Die Sinfonie der Großtadt”. The music of this project has been reworked, modified, condensed, and a lot of new ideas added. In the end of this process outcame We Insist !’s sixth album which is now finished. 10 concise format songs for what will be the first self-titled album, a new start.
It will be release by the exellent french independent rock label : Vicious Circle (Shannon Wright, The Ex, Chokebore, etc...) on the 22 of september 2017

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23 mai 2014
We insist !

L’Ecume des Jours
Périgueux (24)

22 mai 2014
We insist !

Le Magnéto
Bayonne (64)

03 mai 2014
We Insist !

Festival Headway
Amsterdam (Pays-Bas)

02 mai 2014
We Insist !

Atelier Rock
Huy (Belgique)

17 avr 2014
We Insist !

Le Moloco - Festival Impetus
Audincourt (25)

15 mar 2014
We Insist !

La Péniche
Chalon (71)

14 mar 2014
We Insist !

Le Zic ZInc
Limoges (87)

13 mar 2014
We Insist !

Des lendemains qui Chantent
Tulle (19)

27 fév 2014
We Insist !

Le Point Ephémère
Paris (75)

15 déc 2013
We Insist !

Roubaix (59)

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