Totorro and Friends

Game-concert Another World

When two of the musicians of the band Totorro invite two friiends to pay tribute and especially put their musical and sound look on the video game world.
Not a movies-concert but a "game-concert", around the precursory game Another World, who marked a whole generation.

" We chose the game " Another World ", release in 1991, which knew how to mark its period by its graphics and sound system with game. We find a sce’nario of science fiction there which approaches strong themes like totalitarianism, loneliness or discovering of the unknown. The whole running in a world at the end of life which maintains one permanent mystery for the player. The atmosphere is weird re for a game of this period because it show no information on the screen, no dialogue and the musics are almost non-existent in it. To create a music which is in agreement with the game, we plan to base ourselves on the expe’rience of the player and to retranscribe sound felt in music. In "Another World" the experience of game crosses by the death and thus the repetition of some sequences of game. The whole is very rythmy like the music which we like playing."

In coproduction with Clair Obscur / Travelling, La Carène, Stereolux, Antipode and Confort Moderne.
In partnership with The Digital Lounge and 3Hit Combo.
In agreement with Kongfuzi Booking.

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