The Last Morning Soundtrack


On the cover of « A Distance, A Lack », The Last Morning Soundtrack’s debut album, the void was omnipresent. As central figure in this ice-cold setting, it would climb up the scrawny trees and walk in the white grass with insolence. On the photograph, we could guess the obscene banquet of ghosts, dancing on heart-rending folk songs. But Sylvain Texier decided not to be consumed by the winter, now his car parked in front of this bleak landscape can drive away, and head back out on the road.
In his new album, « Promises of Pale Nights », the songwriter manages to reinvent himself softly and quietly. A collection of songs where melancholy soothes you more than it hurts, and where every note counts. The Last Morning Soundtrack knows, more than anyone, how to combine in resonance an intimate writing full of imagery with limpid melodies.