Ciné-concert by Fragments

The arctic atomosphere of the movie and its frozen, barren landscapes echo back to Fragments’ music. But obviously, the band members were seduced by Coen brothers’ dry, dark, of-the-wall humor as well : this particular balance embodies perfectly the trio’s artistic sensivity.

Fargo’s original soundtrack comprises a few musics only. It’s like a virgin soil, an ideal opportunity to open new perspectives. However, the trio truly cares about honoring the characteristics of the movie as well as the high importance of dialogues and the identifiable ambience sets by the Coen brothers.

Unlike the classical instrumentation of the original soundtrack, Fragments offers ambient, electronic textures colored by pop and rock influences. Live sampling, complex use of computing, and interplays between the movie and the band are the characters that Fragments associates with its usual drums/guitare/keybord triangle.

Fragments has already been noticed with the album Imaginary Seas released in 2016. Fargo in concert promise a great new adventure for the band… And a great new sensation for the audience.


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20 oct 2018

Médiathèque Eric Rohmer
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L’Atelier des Arts Vivants
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18 oct 2018

Bordeaux (33)

12 oct 2018

Le Novomax coprod Gros Plan
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20 jui 2018

Festival Natala
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13 jui 2018

Festival Partie(s) de Campagne
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24 fév 2018

Festival Travelling
Rennes (35)

14 fév 2018

Saint-Nazaire (44)

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