Eugène S. Robinson
+ Putan Club

Oh yes. It comes from a story by Lord Dunsany called Poor Old Bill. About a ship’s captain who endures a mutiny after he’s learned tricks from the devil that let him curse his men’s souls when they sleep. but he learns it from "low houses whose looks we did not like." so Low House as a corollary for the degraded state of earthly flesh. I understand that the american idiom might feel oppressive because english is so fucking EVERYWHERE but I’ve not been able to think about it using any other name than Low House, which usually means to me that it’s the right name. and I’ve considered them all.

Available on tour march and april 2020


Eugene S. Robinson (Owbow) - vox
Kasia Meow - vox
Zoé Martinot - batterie
Gianna Greco - basse
François R. Cambuzat - guitares & programming

Extrait nouvel album : The Knock